How to choose the right safe in 4 easy steps

Cash and valuables rating

Decide what rating you need based on the value of the contents you will store in the safe, and what your insurer advises. Our cash ratings range from £1,000 to £10,000, with valuables rated at ten times the cash level, ie. £10,000 to £1,000,000.

Fire protection level

If the items you wish to store in your safe are irreplaceable, consider selecting a safe with fire protection. EN15659 certification has the highest level of resistance, being fire proof for up to 60 minutes.

Size and weight

Consider the items you wish to store, and whether the internal dimensions will be large enough. Choose a location for your safe that has the space to accommodate it without compromising the security it offers. Our safes can weigh over a tonne, so ensure your chosen location is accessible for delivery and that the floor can withstand the weight.

Locking options

Our locking mechanisms include key, electronic combination and fingerscan. Electronic combination locks work well for hotel rooms where guests can update the keypad number on a daily basis. Fingerscan locks are better suited when the users don’t change, but require quick and easy access to the safe contents.

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