Commercial Products

The Burg-Wächter secuENTRY pro locking system

Innovative digital door cylinder secuENTRY pro is a new electronic locking system by Burg-Wächter. The system is designed to provide greater locking convenience within the private and commercial sectors. secuENTRY 7000 features a digital cylinder that directly replaces standard euro cylinders. It  can be operated via passive transponders or a compatible smartphone. The addition of […]

Luxury Commercial Grade Safes: Royal by Burg-Wächter

Burg-Wächter offer an extensive range of German engineered safes for the storage of cash and valuables and have over 95 years of lock making expertise to provide a high-quality product. The Royal safe is entirely hand crafted in Germany and is the pinnacle of the Burg-Wächter’s engineering expertise. Suitable for both commercial offices and individuals that […]

Burg-Wächter secuENTRY hotel locking system

The loss of a room key or failure to return is a common problem for hotels. Aside from the expense of replacing keys, it also poses as a security risk. SecuENTRY pro 7100 / 7000 is an electronic locking system for hotels. The guest receives an individually generated guest code that includes activation for the […]

Burg-Wächter Combi-Line Safes

Combi-Line Safes Providing security and fire protection Burg-Wächter Combi-Line Safes are VdS tested and certified by ECB.S to S2 Security Level (EN 14450), which is rated for the storage of £4,000 cash & £40,000 of valuables. 30 minute certified fire protection (LFS 30P)meets the demanding EN 15659 European fire test.