Corporate News

Why Should I Buy A Safe?

If you are considering investing in a safe here we list our main reasons to take the plunge! A safe is useful is many ways including: A safe is a last line of defence Should a burglar gain entry into your home, a safe is your last line of defence against them stealing your valuables! […]

Locking up for Winter

Winter is fast approaching and unfortunately it seems as though BBQ and garden party season is firmly behind us for this year. Did you know that the average price of BBQ equipment is around £150. Lawn mowers, strimmers, and patio furniture can also be a costly investment. Now is the time of year when most […]

BURGprotect Accessories Guide

Are you considering purchasing a BURGprotect smart alarm but not sure what products to buy or just what you need? We’re here to help make the decision process as easy and simple as it is to self-install your new wireless system! The Starter set (Set 2200) includes: 1x Base 2x Contact 1x Motion 1x Control […]

The Mirfield Show & Our Secure Communties Scheme

The Mirfield Show goes from strength to strength With help from a Secure Communities Scheme award of £1000. The Mirfield Show was the latest event to benefit from the Burg-Wächter Secure Communities Scheme. It was held Sunday 18th August and attracted close to 10,000 visitors. The main show ring was the centre of attention, with […]

Maldon Festival: Local charity provides the perfect pilot for new community funds scheme

The Maldon Festival runs for a fortnight in mid-summer, playing to audiences drawn from the town and surrounding region.  The Festival aims to involve the local community in staging, performing and attending musical performances and art exhibitions.  It also intends to attract new visitors to Maldon and to showcase the town as a growing creative […]

Maintaining Your Padlocks

Burg-Wächter padlocks are designed and built for reliability and convenience with minimal maintenance required. Proud to be German engineered, our padlocks are guaranteed for at least 2 years and with a little bit of care they will offer many years of dependable security. Over time, dirt, rain, sand and other pollutants can penetrate and shorten […]

Keeping you safe this Summer

Finally, the warm weather has arrived, and BBQ season is upon us. Whilst you are clearing up the garden, dusting down the grill and preparing for your guests, now is a good time to consider your outdoor security. Burg-Wächter offer a wide range of products that are ideal for this time of year. Why not […]

Keeping your property safe this holiday season

When you go away for your summer holiday do you – lock up your house, shut the windows, secure the garden and lock your gate? Why do all this but still leave your property open for the postman? Keep your perimeters closed and get a Burg-Wächter post box. With a huge range of styles and colours, […]

Get back on your bike this Spring

Winter has officially ended, and Spring is finally here. For many, this will be the time to get the bikes back out of the shed after being locked away for the colder months. If you are thinking about getting back on your bike for the new season, make sure that you have considered keeping it […]

Luxury Safes – Bespoke commercial grade safes, for your home

Safes that are as individual as their owner A safe is your last of defence against burglary. When intruders strike, with each passing second, they risk being caught, that is why delaying them as much as possible is the best form of security. Our safes our literally impossible to manipulate, keeping what you hold dear […]