Product Showcase

Innovative Burg-Wächter Malaga Post Box with Solar Powered Illuminated Number

Innovative post box with solar powered illuminated number ensures your post always makes it to the correct address The new “Malaga” post box from Burg-Wächter integrates a solar panel and LED back-lit house number to ease finding the correct house, even at night. The in-built “twilight” sensor ensures the house number is only illuminated during periods of […]

New Burg-Wächter No.99 Long Shackle Weather Resistant Combination Padlock

Burg-Wächter has launched a new long shackle variant of the popular No.99 weather resistant padlock. The German engineered padlock features a solid brass body, paired with a corrosion resistant stainless steel shackle. Double bolted for enhanced security, the padlock has a four digit roll combination that can be re-programmed using the supplied key. Designed for […]

Product Focus: Burg-Wächter CityLine Safes

CityLine safes offer comprehensive security with fire resistant insulation, making them the perfect safe for important documents, cash and jewellery. Every home has a number of important documents such as a will, deeds, birth certificates and financial agreements they usually store in a drawer or file in the back of a cupboard. Hiding them is one […]