Security Tips & Advice

Spring Clean Your Security This Season

Lighter mornings and longer days are a lovely start to the new season; however, this also means all that extra light shows up the nooks and crannies that have been missed throughout winter. There’s only one thing for it – it is time to Spring Clean. Whilst cleaning and organising, it is often a good […]

38,000 burglaries occur in the UK every month

Did you know there are approximately 38,000 Burglaries in the UK every month? Domestic burglaries can be as high as 54 per 1000 households in high crime areas. Areas of high crime are normally found in major cities. On average across the UK 12 in every 1000 households will be the victim of burglary Making […]

Winter Security Advice

The clocks have now gone back and winter is well and truly upon us. As the festive season approaches, take a moment to check the security around your property, both on the inside and out. Those long dark nights provide cover for burglars, with a recent study from Co-Op Insurance suggesting claims for theft spike by […]

Bicycle Security Ideas

Bikes and can be easy to steal and quick to shift, especially with the darker winter months approaching. The use of sturdy padlocks with security cables and chains will act as a discouragement to anyone who is on the look out to make a fast buck from someone else’s property. Fortunately it’s easy to keep […]

Choosing a new home safe? Things to consider before purchasing

On the face of it, a safe is just a big metal box on it with a lock? However those that are considering purchasing a new safe might be in for a shock with the many certifications and technical features available. We always tell customers to work backwards – think about what you need to […]